Neutering for Dogs

This term is for boys and girls. Specifically male dogs are castrated and females are speyed. Your puppy can get neutered from 6 months of age. There are also lots of benefits to getting it done.

Castration – will stop your dog developing cancer of the testicles and reduce the chances of prostate enlargement or cancer. It also reduces the risks of certain types of hernias. It can also have calming benefits if the dog is too excitable and in certain types of dominant behaviour. It will not alter your dog’s behaviour if it is normal.

Spey – prevents unwanted pregnancy, stops male dogs stalking your house or pet if she comes into season. It also means you do not have to worry about isolating your dog for 3 weeks twice a year which is the normal season frequency. It will prevent uterine and ovarian cancer. It will prevent uterine infections (pyometra) which can be life threatening. It will also minimise the risk of mammary (breast) cancer.

We recommend as standard in our practice to spey your dog before she has had her first season as the benefits in regards to cancer issues is more than if she has a season.

Both of these procedures are DAY procedures so your dog will be admitted and discharged in the same day. They are also generally safe procedures. Any of our vets will be happy to go into more detail and we perform pre-operative health checks on all dogs within a few days of the anaesthetic and operation.

We send all our dogs home with some pain relief after the operation to keep them comfortable. All our dogs also have to wear a collar after surgery to prevent them licking their wounds.

We now have the facility to do laparoscopic spey on female dogs over 8kg weight, this is the removal of the ovaries through small incisions were camera ports and instruments are placed. The procedure means a faster recovery and less pain as smaller incisions. You can discuss this option with the vet at a pre-operative consultation and get an estimate.


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