Cats with Ticks

The most important tick species in the UK is Ixodes.

Ticks are generally found in grassland, shrubs, forests, low hanging trees and wait for an animal to brush against them so they can climb on. They are more prominent in warmer weather of March to November.

Once on your cat they will attach to the skin, burrow and feed on their blood. Ticks are small white/brown/red/black swellings normally found around the face/ears, armpits or leg regions. Their colour depends on the type of tick and also whether it has ingested blood or not.

Ticks can cause infected swellings, anaemia and transmit diseases to cats, some of which are zoonotic to humans.

If you find a tick seek advice on removal by a vet/nurse to do correctly ensuring no mouth parts are left behind.

Prevention is with veterinary spot-ons, often combined with flea treatment in one formulation. This is done once monthly and very important if you have an active outdoor cat.

Ask you vet/nurse for more details and a free weigh/tick treatment with the nurse


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