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Rest in peace my dear Rhys my beautiful chocolate Dobermann so very badly missed by Mummy Daddy and Lolabella we had 8 very special years together.
"Buster" "Pumpkin"
Luna is gone, she was a much more than a dog, our world collapsed without her.
Mum and Dad
"Bugsy" "Poppy"
"Henry" "Louis"
"Samson" "Tom"
"Jerry" "Stan"
"Paddy" Silla
"Taffy" Pedro
"Willow" "Charlie"
"Jay" "Henry"
"Ben" "Tia"
"Molly Moo" "Jasper"
"Suzy" "Misty"
"Bob" "Leo"
"Ruby Roo" "Oscar"
"Bubbles" "Fudge"
"Tatum" "Tyson"
"Angel" "Guster"
"Molly" "Rowley"
"Floyd" "Millie"
"Milly" "Max"
"Sash" "Jake"
"Clover" "Leo"
"Monty" "Whiskey"
"PJ" "Candy"
"Sonny" "Muffin"
"Rocky" "Pantaliamon"
"Sam" "Marley"
"Pip" "Chips"
On the 2nd of July 2013, after various health problems, We had to say goodbye to our beloved Pip, who suffered with chronic pancreatitis.
We had 13 wonderful years and enjoyment with Pip, At least now he is no longer suffering in pain and he is at peace.
Missing you so much Pip.

Thank you Sue and Bill and all the staff at Rutland House for caring for Pip when he suffered with his eye problems and ear
"Zak" "Gizzy"
"Prince" "Anne Marie"
"Midnight" "Kara"
"Aurora" "Meggy Moo"
"Lily" "Dixie"
"Jess" "Blue"
"Gilbert" "Aggie"
"Susie" "Mia"
"Milo" "Pippin"
"Tosh" "Alfie"
"Mouse" "Shankley"
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