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This puppy was found left for dead in an alleyway - now look at her!!


Winter was cared for at Rutland house

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Rutland House Veterinary Hospital - Immy

We didn’t hold out much hope for our retired racer Immy  (Imogen’s Image) when in September 2014 she was diagnosed with a tumour on the back of the wrist of her “Good” front leg .
She had already suffered a post racing accident in early 2010, resulting in Arthrodesis surgery (Joint fusion) to her other front leg so amputation wasn’t an option.  We put our faith in the team at Rutland Hospital and in particular vet Steph Walsh, who under the advice of Jan Beranek, performed an operation to remove the tumour including the dewclaw. 
The resulting “hole” was then covered by a skin graft (using skin removed from her side) with stunning results. Five months on there is no sign of the growth returning and Immy is her usual self. We are deeply indebted to Steph and all at Rutland for their kind and professional service.

We have eight retired Greyhounds of our own all of which are in the care of Rutland House when needed. Additionally as volunteers for a Greyhound rehoming charity we have to date, entrusted them with the treatment of over 400 Greys, always with the utmost confidence that they will receive the very best of care ,
Duncan & Lou

Bonnie's Story
Hello, my name is Bonnie and I think I am 6 years old (us felines don’t have birthday’s like you humans).

I live a very happy life with the human’s that I adopted . I was out and about one day doing what cats do when I came across this lovely garden to play in and the humans that lived there were nice too so I decided to stay (with a little bit of help from some other humans) and I have been here for a long time...3 years in fact.

Anyway, one Friday just before the human celebration called Christmas, I didn’t feel very well. I was tired, my legs wobbled and I didn’t want to eat my usually delicious food. My family knew that all was not well with me so they picked me up and took me to somewhere they call a vet. I had heard of these places & had been before so didn’t mind.
The vet looked at me and because my temperature was high, they put a sharp thing in me called a needle that had something in it called anti-inflammatory medicine to bring it down. They asked my family to keep their eye on me to see how I was getting on. I was still poorly on the Saturday, so I was taken back to the vet. They said if I was no better the next day then I was to go to somewhere called “hospital”.
I was too poorly to know what this meant and the next day I was still bad so my family took me to the hospital and I was seen by another vet called Steph – she was nice, very pleasant with a nice smile.
Steph looked at my eyes , pulling back the skin a little bit and said that I was jaundiced and said that I most likely had a liver problem. She asked my family could I stay at the hospital for some tests and of course, because they wanted me back to my usual self they agreed.
Steph stuck another  sharp thing in me to take some blood and said that she would also want to do an ultrasound examination .
I was taken into the area they call wards and was placed in a very nice cat kennel where they tried to make me comfortable with pain relief and antibiotics given to me through something called a drip put in my leg. This drip also gave me fluids to stop me from de-hydratring.
I slept ok that night and the next day Steph had the results back from my test. She said that I had something called Cholangiohepatitis and I would need to have some more blood tests and the ultrasound examination, I would be ok, but I would need to have antibiotics for about 6 weeks.

Well, that night, I was feeling a little bit better (not 100% you understand) but well enough to take out my “cannula” which I thought was very clever of me considering I had not been trained to do this. However, the nurses did not think that and I had another placed.
My family called on the Tuesday to ask how I was and were very pleased to hear that I had eaten a bit of chicken that morning (there is only so long that I could go without food for and it did smell lovely, so why not hey!). My family came in that afternoon to see me which was nice because I got loads of cuddles.

Steph told them that if I continued like this that I could go home the next day which put a smile on my face for the first time in a week, I don’t mind telling you.

I went home from Rutland House Veterinary Hospital on Wednesday 17th December with some more medication that I had to stay on and another appointment to go to the next week and my family said that was the best Christmas present that they had ever had.

My family have asked if I would pass on a huge thank you to Steph and all involved in my care for doing a wonderful job and I would just like to say a big thankyou myself for looking after me so well. You all did a marvellous job.

Lola (aka nana cat)
Lola was brought into Rutland House just before Christmas with a tin can stuck on her head. Luckily we managed to remove the can without causing any harm to her. While she was in our care she was so loving, always wanting attention and cuddles.

Myself and all of the ward staff fell in love with her. When I was made aware she had been offered a home I was so happy for her, I knew she would settle quickly in the right loving environment. 

Hopefully she wont be sticking her head in any more tin can

Merseyside Retired Greyhound Trust
Gill and Hannah went along to the Merseyside retired greyhound trust show at Stockton heath in June to help judge some of the shows. They had an absolutely brilliant time despite the weather.The Merseyside RGT do such a brilliant job we were pleased to be able to be part of the day.

St Helens primary school came to visit us in May
Please click on theimage above to have a closer  look at the pictures we have on display at the hospital.

Sherdley primary school came to visit us in October
Pupils from Sherdley primary school came to visit us in October. We often have local schools that come along for the morning, we have an informative talk with them on Pet care, this helps teach them how to be respectful to pets and how to look after them .

We then divide the class into 4 groups, each group being given an activity which could include word searches, puzzles, matching bones to pictures, flea & worm puzzles, looking at x-rays, listening to each others hearts with stethoscopes -all of which are designed to be fun are very interactive and educational. Each group then has a tour of the hospital (always the highlight for children). We then give a goody bag to each pupil and ask them to send us a picture of something they have found interesting during their

Please click on the image above to have a closer  look at the pictures we have on display at the hospital. Thank you to all the children, teachers & helpers that come along and make the morning fun.


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